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Invigorating Visual Identity For Sedobi

At Creative Hero, we enthusiastically worked to strengthen the visual identity of Sedobi, a brand specializing in promoting sleep, well-being, vitality and rejuvenation. The company also excels in HBOT - Hyperbarric Oxygen therapy and offers a wide range of supplements. Discover how we applied custom graphic design to flyers, brochures and a roll-up banner to bring Sedobi's core values to life.

Brochure Design

The brochures are designed as informative guides that clearly communicate the benefits of Sedobi's approach to wellness and vitality. Clear layouts and engaging graphics give readers a visual impression of Sedobi's positive impact on their quality of life.

Roll-up Banner Design

The roll-up banner is an eye-catching addition to Sedobi's branding, with attractive visuals that convey the message of rejuvenation and renewal. The banner is designed to attract attention at events, trade shows or in Sedobi's physical space.

Results & Comments

Since the implementation of the new graphic design, Sedobi has not only experienced increased brand recognition, but also received positive feedback from clients who find the visual expressions inspiring and reassuring. Be sure to check out their website and find out what Sedobi can do for you. 

Creative Hero as a Graphic Partner

At Creative Hero, we are proud to have been able to support Sedobi in defining and strengthening their visual identity. Do you also want to give your brand a graphic boost? Contact Creative Hero for a no-obligation consultation and discover how we too can tell your story through graphic design.